I had the wonderful opportunity of working with the fine people at Cogent – Benger on this fascinating film, “The Autism Enigma”, the story of one mother’s dedicated journey to discover the causes of her son’s autism and the work of an international group of scientists looking for clues to this baffling disorder. Continue reading

A compelling story of teenage girls living in Toronto’s inner core, raised in shelters and housing projects. One hour documentary for TV Ontario Bishari Films Director Shelly Saywell

A few audio samples of my documentary work.

This film explores Christopher Ondaatje’s journey of discovery as he tries to assemble the fragments of his past as well as confront the ghost of his father in present day Sri Lanka.
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A wonderful series describing the first year of development in a baby’s life. Continue reading

An enigmatic film about Mary Magdalene’s life and the many conflicting legends surrounding her.
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